Urdu Vocabulary That You Should Know

Main ___ se ayi hu. – I am from _____ (country).

When you’re in Pakistan, people will be curious about you. They will want to know where you are from.

Theek Hai – Okay

Pakistanis use this word all the time, adding it in at the end of the majority of their sentences.

Aapko English ati hai? – Do you know English?

Even in far-off towns and villages, there will be some people, such as guest house owners, able to communicate with you in English due to the tourism in that area.

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Urdū has eleven vowels. They can be oral or nasal. Nasalization makes a difference in meaning.


Urdū is a highly inflected language which utilizes prefixes and suffixes to form words and to express grammatical relations.


Urdū has borrowed much of its formal and technical vocabulary from Persian and Arabic. In general, words of Persian origin are considered more formal than words of Hindi origin.

Different Registers of Urdu

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